Jimmy began life as a professional photographer in 2003 by combining his passions for live performance and photographic expression. Almost all of his early work was done in the small Rock and Roll venues of New York City which soon led to the world of Jazz where he spent several years shooting albums and live performances for some of the best artists in the world including Peter Washington, Jeremy Pelt, Wayne Escoffery and Russel Malone to name a few. Other performers included Patty Griffin, Martin Sexton and Ray LaMontagne. In 2004 he opened his first studio in Wilmington, VT and Jimmy Ryan Photography was officially in business. That year he photographed his first wedding and soon realized that much of what he had learned by shooting live performances easily transitioned into the world of wedding photography. Returning to NYC in 2006 Jimmy continued shooting many weddings for his own studio as well as others. By 2009 with more than 150 weddings under his belt he was asked to teach the Creative Weddings Workshop at the International Center of Photography in New York. He has photographed weddings all over the world. From Mexico to the South of France to Tuscany and beyond. "No matter what the location weddings offer an incredible amount of emotion which to me is the most interesting subject matter. It's the key element in all of my wedding work as well as my portraiture." His portrait work has led him full circle as he now spends a lot of his time shooting portraits and rehearsal/performance shots for the Broadway Theater including all of the portraits for the recent revival of The Glass Menagerie.  Please direct all inquiries through the contact page. Thanks.